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Tarot & Its Meaning

What is Tarot and what can you do with the cards? Is it Mythical? Is it from the Devil? When you don’t know, what can a Tarot Reader do for you?

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of cartomancy Tarot cards are being used to get insight into past, present and future. The cards used are normally Tarot cards. Altogether a total of 78 cards. In essence, they can be divided into Major Arcana (22 cards) & Minor Arcana (56 cards). Now, those cards together are called a deck.

Image by Laura Usaite from Pixabay

Major Arcana

These cards, the Major Arcana, are also called the Trump Cards. In general, numbered from 0 – XXI (21). These 22 cards tell a story. By all means, they tell the story of the first (0) card. This is the Fool.

Significantly each card symbolises a spiritual lesson. A lesson we must learn. But it can also be a circumstance on the soul’s path. 
The last card from the Major Arcana, closing the circle, is The World.

In addition to symbolising spiritual lessons, the Major Arcana is also important for long circumstances.

Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana is important for long term circumstances/outcomes, the Minor Arcana on the contrary is more important for short term circumstances/outcomes. The Minor Arcana is sometimes also called the Lesser Arcana.

Court Cards

The Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of the Tarot are also called the Court Cards. They are often the most complex and confusing cards to interpret. Because there are so many different ways to interpret them – as people, as personalities, as situations, and more.


Altogether there are 56 Minor Arcana cards. They are divided into 4 suits. Next to Swords, there are Wands, Cups and Pentacles. Besides the previously mentioned names, they go by a few other names.
To sum up:
* Swords/Blades;
* Wands/Batons/Clubs & Staves;
* Cups/Chalices/Goblets & Vessels;
* Pentacles/Coins/Disks & Rings.

Each suit represents an Element & Faculty:

  • Swords – Air – Reason
  • Wands – Fire -Creativity and will
  • Cups – Water – Emotions and love
  • Pentacles – Earth – Material body or possessions

Tarot Decks

The most common Tarot Deck is the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. At the present time the most sold/used deck. Originally drawn in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith and is based on instructions of A.E Waite. In fact, I am not very fond of these drawings. But overall, they are clear and the easiest way to learn Tarot when you begin using the cards.

Because of that, I tried to find another deck that is easy to use but uses different drawings. Since that was difficult, I tried to find a deck based on Rider-Waite but slightly different. And I found the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. In fact, I love the colours. So bright, they make using the cards a pleasant part of the start of my day.

My Favourite Tarot Decks

I have another deck, which I think is beautiful. But by all means, I have significant issues reading them.
This is me and not the cards. The deck is the Everyday Tarot Deck made by Brigit Esselmont from Biddy Tarot.

Some other decks that I love. And, for sure, I will buy some of them in the future:

Intuitive Tarot Reading

In the past, when I was still living in the Netherlands, I did some Tarot readings. Especially for myself. Informing myself by reading books. In fact, never understand how to read cards correctly. In either case, I considered myself a witch already these days. But, in general, I was more attracted to herbs, plants & crystals.

Particularly, because Tarot & Astrology was, and still is, forbidden by the bible. In essence, I called myself a believer at that time. Therefore, I had some issues with reading Tarot cards and doing Astrology. At the moment, I call myself a “hoper”. I hope there is something after this life, but I don’t strictly believe in it anymore.

What I do believe though, is that everyone has their own responsibility. You choose to do good (or bad). This is your choice and by all means, when you do something terrible, don’t use the excuses “It was *** will”. Otherwise, it would not have happened. *** Can be God, Buddha, Allah etc. In my opinion, when you use that phrase, you use it as an awful excuse.

Back to Intuitive Tarot Reading. I was and still am attracted to reading Tarot Cards. And finally, I decided to buy a new deck. My old deck has gone lost over the years. Due to all my moving. As I am following, and have followed many courses over the years (both alternative and not alternative), I decided to buy a Tarot course also. In Dutch, this makes it easier to understand.

Next to this course, I also followed a few masterclasses from Birgit from Biddy Tarot and I started to draw a daily card. Keeping a diary for these drawings. Particularly to learn to read Tarot cards using my intuition. Writing everything down in the diary. What I see on the card(s). What I feel. The colours, the environment, the scene. Everything.

Although I have a strong intuition, to clarify the cards this way, by all means, I find it difficult sometimes. As a result of all the practising I do, I am getting used to using my intuition when I read the cards. Consequently, I am getting better at it.

Lately, I do other drawings also. Still for myself only. Although I have an ex-colleague/friend who said that I can do practise drawings on her. So, that’ll be great to exercise. Thank you, Eli! I will be back for this soon 🙂

Spells, What are They?

Featured Image by JOAN A BROWN from Pixabay

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