Spells for Daily Use

Are there Spells for Daily use?

Of course, Spells can be used in daily life. As everything is energy, so are spells. As an eclectic Witch, without a real belief (I consider myself a “hoper”, I hope that there is something after this life, but I don’t think so) I normally stay away from Wicca saying in spells. Using words as three times three, I do not use them often. Nor “So mote it be”.
I do not believe in threefold, although I do believe in Karma. And helping her :). A phrase I’d like to use is “Abracadabra“.

There are several sources explaining where this word came from. I do like the explanation that it comes from Aramaic (avra kehdabra) and it means “I will create as I speak”. Source: World Wide Words. As I believe that everything is energy, so are words. Thus, what is more, beautiful than ending a spell with the words Abracadabra, “I will create as I speak”.


Spells for Daily use:

Everything we say and do is energy. Therefore you can do and add many small things to your daily Magick. Stirring your coffee or tea clockwise for abundance, prosperity etc. Counterclockwise to abandoned things. To name one easy spell.

What was brought down upon me,
Be returned but times three.
Head to toe, skin and nerve,
May you get exactly what you deserve.

Take this curse away from me,
Return it to where it began.
Reveal the caster’s identity,
Whether they be women or men.
Cleanse the Darkness from my Aura,
May it be replaced with light.
Erase all images of horror,
May there be blissful dreams at night.
Take this curse away from me,
Release this doubt from my mind.
Heal the sickness within my body,
Reveal the answers I need to find.

Let cruelty, pain and evil ways,
Follow this villain through all his days.
Reverse the torment he creates
To turn on him a crueller fate.

Cleansing Rituals, Moving On

Featured Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

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