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Enchanting & Magickal

Modern & Traditional WitchCraft

Who am I?

Welcome to Enchanting & Magickal. I am Gwyneira Rhosyn. In Daily Life, I go by Karin.

From a very young age I know I am a witch. Although I come from a long line of female witches it never was acknowledged. This is because of the very strict religion in the family. Witchcraft is from the devil and therefore, not allowed. Strictly forbidden.

My grandmother and my mother are both Clairvoyance & Claircognizance. So am I. Don’t as me why, but I know things. Things I have no actual source of knowledge of. Some things that haven’t happened yet.
So often it happened that I said something, that pops out of my mouth, and I think “yes this is the truth for sure, but how TF do I know this?”

According to Wikipedia, there is no, or hardly any difference between Clairvoyance & Claircognizance.


Clairvoyance is the claimed ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. Any person who is claimed to have such ability is said accordingly to be a clairvoyant.

Source: Wikipedia

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What is WitchCraft for Me?

WitchCraft is Magick. And Magick is all around us. You only have to see it. Being able to see it. It is everywhere. A new flower starting to grow. A young kitten playing around with a leaf that is flying because of the blowing wind. A butterfly. The smell of a rose. Someone smiling at you, just because he/she can.


I Believe that everything is ENERGY. All you do, all you say ETC. Everything! This energy, that you radiate, comes back to you. Like a kind of Karma. When this energy is supported by a deep intention (= extra energy) you have a kind of spell. No need for extra items. No need to brew a poison. A spell can be done with words and extra intention alone. Words & Thoughts are the most powerful things we have. Be careful with them. Even unintentional you can set things “on fire”.

Next to this, I am convinced that everyone has Magick in them. Yes, everyone. The problem is though, that most of us forgot to tap into this Magick.
As I am not a Wiccan (which is a Pagan belief, existing since the 1950s) I do not believe in a Goddess or God. What I do honour though, is nature. The Universe, Gaia, Mother Nature. Name it.

Spells for Daily Use

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

I honour nature the best way I can, which is not always easy living in a capital city. I try to buy items locally. Often this is not possible, then I buy items from companies that are good for the environment. Good for native inhabitants of countries. This means that I try not to buy from huge companies. Most of them own the A-brand companies. And what we honestly can say. These well know companies. or at least their owner, are bad for the environment.

Source: Seeds Now

Items I Use in my Craft

There are many items I use in my Craft. And yes! WitchCraft is a Craft. Hence the word! Many items I save. Daily items most of us throw away. So, what are these items?
Let me start with items I collect by buying. Crystals! (Semi) Precious Stones. I love them! The first one I got many years ago, almost 50 years, from a school friend. Rose Quartz. Due to all my moving, I lost it, but I still remember the shape, the imperfection and how it felt in my hand.

Next to that, I collect herbs. Some I buy and dry. Others I grow myself in pots. I use them in my food, and also in my Oils, Herb Waters and Spells. Or I use them on candles. Another item I use. In the past, I made candles myself but not anymore.

What do I Collect & Save?

Eggshells are one of the items I save. After cleaning and drying them I crush them as much as possible into a powder. They are great for protection and not poisoned for the environment. Best of course from chickens that are free-range.

What I also spare are kernels of fruit. Stone pits mainly. And from melons & pumpkins. Flower petals & leaves from trees. Other items I save are the used matches. Shells from onions, garlic. And seashells. There is so much that can be collected. There would be even more when I would, that is my dream, living in a house in de woods. With my own garden. Fruit trees, vegetables, herbs etc. A few chickens, maybe a goat and some cats.

And of course, I almost forgot these. Jars. As much as possible. Jars can be used for so many things. I love the hexagonal ones. Not too small, not too big. And a lovely shape. In the jars, I collect and spare the dried herbs. The eggshell powder and all other items I save to use in my Craft. I other posts I will give examples from WitchCraft with also recipes I make myself for use e.g. in my hair or from Spells.

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Love tea? Buy a marvelous quality (loose) tea and get £5 off your order!
Click on the "Been referred by a friend?" link at the checkout and simply enter Karin Stobbe.
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