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Here I will share my path as an Eclectic Witch.
Witch indeed, and not a Wiccan.

I have many interests. and I’d love to learn as much as possible about all of these interests.

This’ll include: Astrology, Crystals, Herbs, Holism, Spells, Tarot.
WitchCraft of course and many more!





Differences Between Witches & Wiccan

A person who practices WitchCraft. Now these days, a woman.
This can be by working with Crystals, Herbs, Magick etc.

A person who practices and follows the belief system (existing since the 1950s) called Wicca. Wicca is based on a Pagan religion celebrating Nature. Centred around a Goddess & God.

Not all Witches are Wiccan.
Most, but not all Wiccan are Witches.

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Here you will find interesting articles and not only about WitchCraft. I will also explain how to use Crystals, Herbs and other items in daily life. How to make your own Herbal oils or waters for Body/Hair.
And of course I will also add some Spells.